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Shaanxi Porvoo Biotech Ltd. is specializing in the industry of high quality plant extracts and raw materials used in the production of pharmaceuticals, food & nutritional products, cosmetics, animal health products, etc. Located in the city of Xi’an, Shaanxi Province in China, the company has strong research and development team, cutting-edge equipments, high standard manufacturing base and professional service, devoted to offering high quality products and superior customer services in healthcare field.

We supply all our products strictly following customers’ required standard. Currently we have built close cooperative relationships with many institutes and universities in China, and we cooperate with many top GMP certified factories in this area. Most of the products are with DMF, CEP, FDA, ISO, HACCP, EU Organic, Kosher, and Halal certificates etc. And we keep seeking cooperation with more quality manufacturers to improve our products supply-chain. With our strict quality system, advanced technologies and highly qualified professionals, we can provide professional customer service and great product solutions to our clients.

As a worldwide supplier, our company has established long term and stable business relationship with the customers from many countries in Asia, Europe, the United States, South America, and Africa and so on. We welcome more and more customers to cooperate together and achieve mutual win. And we will be your reliable partner!



Contact: Marketing Department

Phone: +86 18991301031

Tel: +86 2931513943

Email: sales@porvoo.cn

Add: No.50 Wangsi South Street, Fengdong New City, Xixian New Area, Shaanxi 710116

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